Contax G2 w/ Biogen 21mm F/2.8 & Finder

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Contax G2 Camera Body with Biogen 21mm F/2.8 T* Lens & GF-21mm Viewfinder

9/10 Excellent condition with light cosmetic wear.
This Contax G2 is in fantastic condition with some visible signs of light wear, primarily seen on the back of the camera. There are multiple hair-like scratches on the backside of the body. They all appear to be minor and just on the finish coating. On the rear thumb-rest (black indention,) a little bit of the textured finish has begun to wear off slightly. Additionally, as seen in images #4 & #7 ,there are another minor paint blemish. 
Despite that, this camera still functions perfectly. The auto-focus snaps into focus immediately. Both of the top LCD screens function properly as they should. The electronic meter inside of the camera's viewfinder (not the GF-21mm finder) also functions perfectly.
Optically, both the lens and the finder are in pristine condition. The aperture on the 21mm lens is responsive and snaps into place with every f-stop. The GF-21mm viewfinder is crystal clear. 
The camera has been battery + film tested to ensure all features work properly.
Additionally includes the Contax lens cap for 21mm Biogen.
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