Focal Point Photography + Wheeler Camera Bag

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Focal Point has a New Line of Signature Camera Bags!

The Bag is an essential piece of equipment for any photographer. Finding the right bag to fit YOUR needs is one of the most personal quests every photographer takes. Size does matter. Look, feel, and functionality matter.

With Oregon being an inspiration for this epic pack, being made from thick waxed canvas to protect all of your electronics was a key component. Underneath the dual-toned main flap is a large easily-accessible pocket perfect for a notebook, small tablet, or book. The walls of the bag are fortified with sturdy, soft foam covered in the Wheeler Bag signature pin-striped fabric that three velcro dividers easily adhere to. Having the pin stripping inside of the bag makes it easy to find all of your gear without spending valuable time looking for it.

Bottom Line, this customizable camera bag is a distinguished mix of classic design, functionality, and enduring build. Each piece was selected with careful consideration to ensure that this product is the last camera bag you’ll ever need to buy.

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