Leica 3C W/ summitar 50cm F/2

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Leica IIIC w/ Summitar 5cm F/2.0 

Camera: 8.5/10 Great condition. This rangefinder is overall in excellent condition with a handful of minor cosmetic blemishes. Most noticeably, there are a few spots where the camera is "brassing". Seen clearly in images #5, #6, and #7. Additionally, there are two more notable imperfections on the exterior. One is found on the top plate near the "Leica" badge (best seen in images #9 and #10.) The other being a set of two light scuffs near the rewind knob (image #5.)The underside of the camera has multiple light scratches due to use. Rangefinder is bright and clear. All of the shutter speeds fire properly. This camera and lens have been film tested and the images came out perfectly. No issues on either item.
Lens: 8/10 Great condition. This lens appears to be in great shape with no major wear. Focus ring is smooth all the way through. Aperture blades are responsive, with very minor oil spots. The front/rear glass doesn't have any significant scratches or blemish. Between the glass there appears to be multiple specks of dust which is not uncommon for a lens of this age. Upon testing, it's clear the dust does not affect image quality or show up despite your settings.
Items included: Leica IIIC, Summitar 5cm F/2, and Leica front lens cap. 
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