Phottix Juno TTL Transceiver (Canon)

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The Phottix Juno TTL series of flashes: With all new hardware and the Odin Z Operating System.

The Juno TTL has everything you expect from a TTL hot shoe flash – a Guide Number of 60 with TTL, Manual and Stroboscopic modes, and an adjustable flash head that can zoom to 200mm.

Beyond hot shoe flash function, the Phottix Juno TTL Flash is a powerful partner for the professional photographer.


  • All-in-one Auto-Switching. TTL systems for Canon, Nikon, Sony and Pentax built-in into every Juno TTL. The flash will automatically adjust to the system being used.*
  • Auto-Metering. Can be used on or off camera as a light meter. The Juno TTL will tell you which power level to set.
  • Real time manual power display*
  • Can be used to control other compatible products in the Phottix ecosystem.
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