Used Canon 1DX MkII Body Only

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Canon 1DX Mk II Body Only **Less than 2000 Clicks**

9/10 Like new condition. This DSLR body is in like new condition showing little to no signs of wear. The body is clean and free of blemishes and markings. Both top and rear LCD screens are scratch free. The rear LCD screen has a screen protector attached, and is bright and sharp when powered up. The camera has been tested and is in perfect working condition. All buttons and dials are clean and responsive. Autofocus is snappy, live view functions properly. Camera has a very low shutter count (1874). Overall this camera has been taken very good care of and has been graded conservatively as "excellent".
Items Included: Canon 1DX MKII, Canon LC-E19 battery charger, Canon LP-E19 battery, Body cap
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