Used Canon 6D Body Only Shutter Count: Under 210,000 Clicks

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Used Canon 6D Body Only 

7.5/10 Good Condition. 

Shutter Count: Under 210,000 Clicks

This 6D camera body is altogether in great working shape with only a couple cosmetic imperfections. All of the camera's functions and abilities are working perfectly! Underneath the camera on the rear-side near the "Canon" logo, there is definite signs of use. This is not something that would affect its performance or imaging capability. The rear LCD screen has a few small scratches from basic use. Despite just simply being cosmetic, there are two that are barely visible when the back screen is turned on.

Comes with camera body, strap, charger, battery, body cap, 16GB Sandisk SD Card, and Focal Point's 6 Month Used Warranty.


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