Used Canon EOS M6 Mark II W/ 15-45mm Lens

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Used EOS Canon M6 Mark II w/ 15-45mm Lens

8/10 Great Condition. Minor cosmetic wear.

This EOS M6 MKII is altogether in excellent working shape, with only a few cosmetic blemishes. Near the front right corner of the camera body (near the "Canon" logo,) there is a small scratch. On the underside, there a multiple light scratches from being used with a tripod or stabilizing device. LCD screen also shows a little bit of use. Despite the few cosmetic imperfections, all the functions are in working condition! The buttons/dials feel responsive and not soft or worn down. The 15-45mm lens focuses quick, zooms smoothly, and does not have any blemishes on the front/rear glass element.

Comes with camera body, lens, battery, charger, 16GB Sandisk SD card, and Focal Point's 6 Month Used Warranty.

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