Used Canon Rebel T7i W/ 18-55 IS STM Shutter Count 3500

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Used Canon EOS Rebel T7i w/ 18-55mm Kit Lens

9/10 Excellent Condition!
Shutter Count: 3500 Clicks
This camera is in excellent working condition with absolutely no signs of wear anywhere on the body. All of the buttons/dials, in addition to the rubber grip feels as if brand new! The shutter count is only at about 2-3% of it's life-expectancy(generally if taken care of, a camera will outlast its shutter rating.)The included kit lens is in fantastic condition with no scratches or imperfections on the glass or exterior. Overall this camera would be a great option for a beginner looking for their first camera, or even someone just wanting to upgrade from an older model.
Includes battery, charger, front lens cap and Focal Point's 6 Month Used Warranty.
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