Used Nikkor 135mm F/2 D AF-DC Lens

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Used Nikkor 135mm F/2 D AF-DC Lens

10/10 Mint Condition!

Nikon's 135mm F/2 D is undoubtedly well known among those who shoot with their "D" series lenses. The F/2.0 aperture in combination with the beautiful compression the 135mm focal length brings, ultimately leaves you with an incredible shot. 

This lens appears to be in mint condition with no signs of wear. Upon inspecting the entirety of the exterior, no scratches or blemishes could be found. The focus ring is smooth throughout the whole throw, and does not jitter at any distance. Aperture blades are snappy and responsive as you're shooting, shows no signs of wearing down. Overall, this lens is in fantastic shape and is ready to be taken out to shoot with. 

Comes with lens, front/rear lens caps, and Focal Point's 6 Month Used Warranty.

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