Used Nikon D800 Body *24,000 clicks*

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Used Nikon D800 Body

Shutter Count: 24,000 clicks

7.5/10 Good condition with noticeable cosmetic wear around the grip. As seen in the fourth image, the rubber grip has begun to fall off the body of the camera. Additionally, the rubber thumb rest piece also has noticeable signs of wear. Despite that, the body is in great condition. A couple of the buttons have light wear on the letters, but nothing major. Top LCD screen has a small scratch near the right side of the screen. The rear LCD screen has a Schott Glass Protector on the back. This camera has a relatively low shutter count for it's age, and still has plenty of life left in it.


All features have been tested and ensured for 100% functionality.


Items included: D800 body, battery, charger, and body cap

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