About Us

Focal Point started as a tiny little camera store in the small town of Dallas, Oregon all the way back in 1983. Mike Lowery founded it at the age of just 22!  Back then every little town had a camera store, or at least a little photo developing place. But as the years went on and everything switched to digital we saw store after store all over the country start to go out of business.

Focal Point was different. Mike made sure to learn the name of every person who came in and spend as much time as they needed to help them find the very best gear to suit their needs. He always went the extra mile. As the other stores closed, Mike built up his reputation and soon people were coming to see him from all over the State. Around the turn of the Millennium, Mike moved right down the road and built the Focal Point building you all know and love.

Now, this is where I come in. In 2011 I started working at Focal Point, fresh out of community college with almost no job experience. Mike must have seen something in me though because over the years he taught me everything I know about running the shop and taking care of customers. In the Summer of 2019 we both knew it was time to make a move. That's when he retired and sold the shop to me. In the few short months since he's retired we have strived to keep Focal Point true to Mike's customer focused attitude.

Our goal is that every customer that walks in our door finds exactly what they're looking for. Whether it be a new lens, a free sensor cleaning or even just some photography tips.  

Now that we're all the way in 2020 we are still a little camera store in a little town, but our reach has grown tremendously. This is all thanks to you our customers who given us the best advertising we can ask for, word of mouth. We couldn't do this without you so thank you for all the support you've shown us over the years. We're excited to continue this new phase of Focal Point. 

We hope to see you in the shop soon, but in the meantime Keep on Snap'n!