Haida Solar Filters

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For solar eclipse photography, it is essential you have the right tools to avoid damaging your camera. This lens filter is a good choice as it provides a 20-stop correction with no effect on image coloration. It's optical glass features a multicoating that optimizes light transmission and minimizes glare. It also features a coating that resists scratches, water, and fingerprints, making it easy to clean. The slim aluminum filter ring allows it to be used on wide-angle lenses without vignetting.



  • Ultra-Dark Neutral Density Filter
  • Filter Factor 6.0, 20-Stop Correction
  • Multicoated Optical Glass Construction
  • Scratch-, Water-, and Smudge-Proof
  • Slim, Double Threaded Metal Frame
  • For Long Exposure and Astrophotography
  • Increase Exposure Time and Aperture
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