Hoya Solas Professional IRND 72mm 5 Stop

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Neutral density filters play an important role for filmmakers and photographers because they allow you to precisely control the amount of light passing through the lens for greater creative control over exposure. For filmmakers, this means shutter speeds that match your frame-rate while maintaining the depth-of-field you want. For photographers, it means you can reach longer exposures or achieve a shallow depth-of-field in bright sunlight.

The downside to most ND filters is unpredictable “Color Shift”. This shift is caused by low-quality materials, poor manufacturing QC, and ignoring the Infrared band of the light spectrum. This “High Red” transmission spike results in unpredictable color shifts that change drastically as you increase filter densities and exposure times. Ultimately, it wreaks havoc in post-processing and eats valuable time.

The Hoya SOLAS IRND filters solve this problem by using only the latest technology, premium materials, good ol’ Japanese manufacturing know-how, and attacking the IR part of the light spectrum. The result: a filter line that maintains consistent color from 1-stop to 10-stops. Filmmakers can now switch from density-to-density as the light changes without fear of a color grading nightmare in post. Photographers can slap a 10-stop ND or even stack filters for 20+ stops and experience colors that are accurate to the original scene.

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