ProMaster XC-M 525K Professional Tripod Kit with Head - Black

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The XC-M 525K is more than just a tripod, it's part of an expansive modular system.

The PROMASTER XC-M 525 tripod's 5-section, transverse legs fold 180° making the entire unit just over 15" long for storage and travel. Yet, fully extended it reaches an incredible working height of nearly 6'! Each leg's angle and length are independently adjustable, allowing the XC-M 525 to properly support your camera on uneven ground. Its dual-action ball head is strong, precise, and lightweight with an independent pan control. It has an integrated memory lock for repeatable tension control and uses ProMaster's dovetail quick release system for a fast camera connection.

XC-M stands for eXtreme Compact Modular and it is the Modular component that truly makes this tripod system special. Let's explore:

- While some tripods use a single, detachable leg to form a monopod, all three legs on a ProMaster XC-M tripod are removable. Of course, you can use one of them to form a monopod by combining one with the center column, but also try connecting a set of ProMaster Extension and Macro Legs (product 3559) to either extend the height of the tripod well beyond its native spec. or to achieve an incredibly stable macro tripod.

- Remove the rubber feet at the bottom of each leg and replace them with a set of All Terrain Feet (product 3510) for a robust system of stainless-steel spikes with soft, removable covers and sand/snow baskets.

- Slide out the center column and add a Ground Level Adapter (product 3531) for incredibly low-angle shots or try the Column Tilt Adapter (product 4028) to move your camera into all kinds of amazing positions. 

Thanks to its modularity, XC-M is the most adaptable tripods system available anywhere in the world today.

Finally, every ProMaster XC-M tripod has a Mini Dovetail Plate installed in its yoke. This unique system greatly speeds up the time needed to attach an accessory, such as a flex arm or articulating arm to the tripod. Simply pre-attach your accessory to a ProMaster MD Clamp (product code 3573, sold separately) and then you can attach or remove it from the XC-M tripod in a matter of seconds. 

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